If you’d like to see various mentions and sightings of Ms Slide in the media on the blog, in reverse order, click here.

Otherwise, here are some specific appearances…

“Best of Forum” Magazine Columns (there were many, but only these ones were scanned and put in here): Issue 14.1, Issue 13.9,

“The Independent”: 12th July 2008,

“Forum” Magazine (many articles by Ms Slide, but these were the ones she got round to scanning and posting here): DVD ReviewBook Review,

“Bizarre” Magazine (again, many appearances, but these were the ones that made it as far as the blog): January 2015, October 2013, January 2011, November 2010, Feb 2010, April 09, November 08, October 08, September 08.

“Woman Worship” (several appearances, but this one made it here): December 20th 09,

“Ballbusting World”: April 2009, February 2008,

“Hogspy”: December 2009,

“Dream Visions”: November 2008, September 2008,

“Scarlet” Magazine: April 2010

“Harlot” Magazine: July 2010

“Bad Feminist”: October 2010

“Desire Presents BDSM” (many articles, but this one got scanned): March 2011

“Metro”: March 2011, April 2017

“Urban Chick Supremacy Cell”: August 2011, February 2013

“Sabotage Times”: November 2011, Feb 2012

“New Statesman”: June 2014

“Huffington Post”: Feb 2015

“Spark London” podcast: October 2015

“Girl on the Net” blog: October 2015

Fetish event photo sites: Club Pedestal, January 2013, Club Pedestal,July 2012, Club Pedestal, Jan 10, Darkside Photography, Jan 10, London Fetish Scene, Dec 09, Club Pedestal, Nov 09, Club Twisted, Nov 09, London Fetish Scene, Oct 09, Fetish Saloon, March 09, Fetish Saloon Oct 08,