The Chic in Anarchic

The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell is now activated. My comrade (and dear friend) Ms Tytania has recently launched a femdom site like no other… Her gloriously tongue-in-cheek guerilla revolutionary project aims to throw off the shackles of patriarchal rule (or, in this case, the corsets and high heels of mainstream fetish erotica) and overthrow the hegemony of the smug male (or at least give him a creative bashing, a bumming, a dressing-down and a gun on the tongue) all whilst wearing a balaclava and bovver boots.

I make a couple of appearances on the site and hope to make more in the future. In the meantime, here I am in a pub toilet, transforming from a traditional stocking-clad Pro-Domme to the sort of hoodie that David Cameron would be ill-advised to hug…

1 thought on “The Chic in Anarchic

  1. It is with eternal stupefaction that I wonder why Ms Tytania has been banned and remains banned from IC.

    Her take on domination is really revolutionary.Instead of the usual Nazi tropes or stereotype Femdom we have revoltionary chic.The Female Supremacy and visions of Valery Solanus.Its very tongue in cheek but it carries and underlying beauty and brilliance.

    Real performance art.Glad to hear its not a one woman revolution and you have joined the cell.

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