I’ve talked a lot in the past about the ambiguously-worded “extreme porn” legislation of recent years. Now, Backlash is taking a stand, along with victims of problematic convictions.

Andrew Holland, a man from Wrexham, was charged under Section 63 of the 2008 Criminal Justice and Immigration Act. He was accused of possessing a short video showing a woman having sex with a tiger. A friend had sent it as a joke. He had watched six seconds of it. Predictably, the case toppled over as soon as the court heard the tiger – actually a man in fancy dress – inform the camera: “That beats doing Frosties ads for a living!”

Despite the farcical nature of the case against him, Holland had his reputation, job, family life and health destroyed as a result. This is just one of many examples of the harm caused by this legislation.

Things, however, are about to change. Here’s a snippet of Mistress Magpie Corvid’s article in the New Statesman:

“In a letter to the head of the Crown Prosecution Service, Holland’s solicitors have claimed that even five years after its enactment, the law is so unclear and poorly understood – including by police, prosecutors and solicitors – that it too easily traps the innocent. Assisted by a specialist legal team and advised by the sexual freedom campaigning group Backlash, the former defendant has called on CPS head Allison Saunders to review the implementation of Section 63; if no such review is forthcoming, the law will be challenged via judicial review… In the challenge, Holland’s legal team, advised by Backlash, emphasise the Act’s violations of human rights. With the concept of “extreme” pornography poorly defined, and without reliable guidance from CPS to prosecutors, individuals find it difficult to determine what is and isn’t legal. Perhaps, this is why a law which experts predicted would get less than 30 cases a year has had over 5,000 convictions since its inception. It’s impossible to know how many people have pleaded guilty to possession of images that were not actually unlawful.”

Read the full New Statesman article here.

Learn more about Backlash here.

Read a blog on the case by Obscenity Lawyer here.

Read an article for by Jane Fae here.

Read the Independent article here.

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We all channel archetypes during BDSM play, whether consciously or otherwise. They may be the heroes or villains from films, books or real life, characters we’ve absorbed into ourselves and adopted traits and aspects of when we’re in domme or subspace. You may temporarily take the form of a bound Batman or captured gladiator or Penelope Pitstop. You may become an Emperor or Catwoman or Severus Snape in those moments when you lose yourself (or, at least, those moments when you lose every part of yourself that isn’t that archetype). It’s a little like playing a role in a psychodrama of our own making, but somehow more intimate than that. These archetypes are facets of ourselves, worn proudly on the surface when we play, then packed away neatly alongside all our other facets when we’ve finished.

I’ve written about this side of BDSM many times, especially the Egyptian Goddesses whose legends inspire me. Well now I’ve drawn some pictures as well. Below is a small selection of the things you can buy with my drawings of the Goddesses Bast and Sekhmet printed on them, if you so wish. To see more, as well as a bunch of other BDSM art, click here.


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I have a lot of problems with “50 Shades of Grey”. Despite it being fiction, it’s often lauded as an accurate representation of a BDSM relationship by those unfamiliar with kink. When there is not enthusiastic consent from both parties, it’s not BDSM – it’s abuse. The character’s kink was his alone, not hers. BDSM should not be equated with abuse in the media, nor should it ever be used as an excuse for one person to control or harm another without their enthusiastic consent. Here’s a little bit of an article at Jezebel about a man who allegedly coerced his wife into being raped and tortured under the guise of a “slave contract”:

“…Harden required his wife to wear the collar at all times except for when attending church or when visiting with her mother. Harden also locked a box on her head, and on other occasions made her stand in front of the window shirtless as a form of humiliation… Apparently, Harden pestered his wife into signing the contract and threatened to leave her if she didn’t. When police asked her why she didn’t leave him earlier, she stated that 1) she loved him and that 2) he took care of her — Harden controlled her diabetes medication and never taught her how to use her insulin pump…”

Read the full article here.


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Disappointingly Realistic Erotica

Below is a tiny snippet of a delightful post by Kate M at the Pleasure Chest – “Disappointingly Realistic Erotica:
Whips & Chains”.

“…I turned my attention to my hostess. I had been aching to undress her all evening, ever since I spotted her across the fetish gala in a latex catsuit that clung to every perfect inch of her body. Its polished surface seemed to glow in the moonlight.

With trembling hands, I obliged her request, pulling gently at the zipper just below her hairline. The catsuit peeled away from her as I unzipped, exposing her inexpressibly beautiful body to the night air. Underneath it, her skin was clammy and reeked of talcum powder and many hours’ worth of stale sweat…”

Read the rest and laugh your actual arse off here.


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Return of Temptation

You’ve got until Sunday 12th October to catch the “Return of Temptation” latex art exhibition in London:

“Patrick John Martin & Lorraine Mary Martin will be showing their Art in Latex. Created from intricately cut Latex Rubber sheet, turning the Art of Appliqué into wall art… The Strand Gallery have invited The Guild of Erotic Artists back to exhibit after their extremely successful exhibition at this venue in 2013. Presenting tasteful, figurative artwork, photographic prints, digital imagery and even some sculptures.”

More information here.


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