Lions are predominantly nocturnal, dozing for up to twenty hours on an average day, then rising in the evening to concentrate on acts of intense and bloody violence, before feeding, drinking, and going back to sleep again. Ms Slide operates in much the same way, sessioning regularly in a private dungeon in Hastings, East Sussex, UK (click here for details).

She is rumoured to be anything from zero to several million years old, though carbon-dating suggests that she’s probably about thirtysomething. Having loitered around the edges of the fetish scene in London since the late ‘nineties, Ms Slide can often be seen destroying hapless minions at fetish clubs, holding regular private parties and appointments, and doing nasty things to nice people on naughty websites.

As well as being Best of Forum” Magazine’s agony aunt, Ms Slide was also House Mistress for “Forum” and “Desire Presents BDSM” and regularly contributed to all three, as well as a number of other publications. She also helps out at several club nights, especially Club Pedestal where she helps train house slaves and becomes predictably drunk and obnoxious throughout the course of the evening. Ms Slide will happily write in exchange for coins. If you would like her to write something, do feel free to get in touch.

Ms Slide is very particular about what she does and who she does it with, and her job is not to provide you with a service.

Whether you get a private session with Ms Slide depends entirely on your timing and her mood. Her policy for selecting clients is similar to that of a hyperactive kitten who’s stumbled across a nest of terrified, scurrying ants. She’s a flighty, fickle, capricious creature, and if she doesn’t reply to an email or text message then don’t take it personally. It probably just means that she can’t be bothered to go through her messages, and thus the spam-pile has consumed it.

Contact Ms Slide here or at Slide@SlideRulesYou.com for more details. If you don’t hear anything, contact her again.



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