Ms Slide can be reached here:

Don’t get offended if she doesn’t reply. Enquiries are often lost under all the messages from the aggressively passive-aggressive, the hilariously insane, and the drooling, masturbatory Gollums with fingers so spunky and restless that it isn’t so much an invitation to talk as a misspelt, grammar-free, sticky stream of consciousness splattering towards her inbox. Admin can be something of a shambles, not helped by cyberspace eating a lot of messages before they even reach her. If you’re genuinely looking for a session, try again if you don’t get a response the first time. Repeat as necessary. Any problems, contact

She can also be found on:

Twitter personal account – @SlideRulesYou

Twitter Femdom account – @MsSlide

Facebook –

Feed me bitcoins – 1LfoarneHDLiB3QqhRp5817zJ68wbgNGkV

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