I’ve been neglecting my blog for a little while so am late reporting on this, but it’s something rather close to my heart, for obvious reasons. Below is a snippet from a story in the Independent about The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell vs ATVOD.

“Ms Urrutia, who described herself as a performance artist, has claimed that she had been victim to a crackdown on smaller, niche pornography providers by the Authority for Television on Demand (ATVOD).

‘…Whenever I see who has been reported to ATVOD, it is usually material that could be classified as kink – especially femdom [female domination],” she said.

ATVOD, designated as the “co-regulator” of on-demand television by Ofcom, was founded in 2010 following an EU directive on the regulation audiovisual media. It is responsible for regulating on-demand services such as ITV Player and Channel 4’s 4oD – as well as paid-for content on websites which are deemed to be “tv-like”.

In June 2013, Ms Urrutia received a letter from the regulators saying she had breached rules one, four and 11 of their code. While rules one and four related to the categorisation of her online content as TV on-demand, rule 11 relates to “material which might seriously impair the physical, mental or moral development of persons under the age of 18.”

Ms Urrutia said that as a small-time website owner she should not be regulated by ATVOD, which is funded by a service charge levied on all on-demand providers. She also insisted that her work, which she defines as performance art, did not contravene the Obscene Publications Act.

Ofcom upheld Ms Urrutia’s appeal, finding that her site did not constitute TV on-demand. Some changes had been made to the site since ATVOD’s initial investigation…’

Read the full article here, and read more about the case at Obscenity Lawyer’s blog.


Femdom Embassy

Something new and exciting is coming on June 5th, 2014.

Last year, Ms Tytania and I founded our Femdom Embassy. It began as a joint fantasy about a submissive male who sought political asylum from the patriarchal, macho, knob-dominated culture outside our Embassy’s walls. He longed for a place beneath the high-heeled boot of the Gynarchy. Over the course of several months, we put our male specimen through many tasks and toils in The Department For the Ladies’ Wellbeing to assess his suitability. In his case, the process is still ongoing.

On June 5th, 4-8pm, several of us will be assessing new applicants over high tea at an opulent location in London, E2. If you’re very good, you may be one of them.

Here’s a bit more about the occasion from

“…An afternoon at the Embassy consists of a high tea for a number of Dominant Department-appointed ladies. The male hopefuls will be stripped of their clothes and made to attend to the ladies and to obey their orders, to make their afternoon more enjoyable. Ladies at The Department for the Ladies’ Well-Being believe that the male is a useful accessory and toy that can be summoned and discarded at their will, according to their needs or their whims. In our ideal society, no woman will break a lacquered nail doing menial work or stressing herself: that’s what the male is for, as a lesser species whose only purpose in life is to serve and obey the ladies…”

For further details, click here.


Femdom Bloc

Here’s a link to a few highlights from The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell‘s recent evening out, kidnapping a chap:

“Ms Tytania and Ms Slide by day. . . the Femdom Bloc at night! They discard their heels once again to operate as The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell, the Hard Edge of Femdom. Booted and masked, they prepare to meet their soon to be male hostage in a dark East London alleyway. Their mission: to capture and drag this male specimen to their safe house, for further interrogation, bondage, humiliation and waterboarding…”

Click here for photos and more.