June Slutathon

It’s that time again, people! This month’s Grand Slutathon will involve tea, scones and strap-on fun! Here’s more on the change of format from Ms Tytania:

“…What I have discovered over the years, is that sucking cock is a huge fantasy for many straight men, as is strapon and pegging… but when faced with the physical, actual reality of it (especially the bi aspect of it), many men are held back by self-doubt. ‘Am I gay, Mistress?’ or ‘I love sucking cock, but I am not sexually attracted to men’ – all very common comments and confessions that I have heard many, many times.

So instead of diving into sweaty action from the start, the new Slutathon will start with a tea party where the sluts will make themselves acquainted to the Mistresses and serve them. As the tea and scones diminish, the ladies’ strapons engorge, to indulge in some strapon action. Femdom devotees, sissies and maids are welcome to attend and to be spit-roasted by some of London’s most expert strapon Mistresses.

After this civilised, but wild tea party, you may stay for the second part, or leave satiated in your desire to serve, and to be of service to the Mistresses, and their woman cocks. Some new sluts will turn up then, to dive into the dimly lit Slut Bed of Shame Boudoir, where the furtive pleasures of the boy on boy flesh await them…”

Does that sound like your cup of tea? Click here for more.

Erotic World Book Day

Tomorrow is Erotic World Book Day, and some rather exciting things will be happening. Here’s what Cliterati.co.uk has to say:

“…World Book Day has long celebrated the way in which books can educate, entertain and open up new worlds to explore. That got us thinking: erotica can also educate and entertain. Erotic readers and writers are likely to support sex ed. Sex ed is desperately needed and often still woefully inadequate. So why not use March 5 as a chance to raise money for sexual health and well-being organisation, Brook, while celebrating and promoting the diversity of erotica with a fund-raising erotic ebook? Well, it seemed obvious to us…

While EL James has certainly propelled erotica into the mainstream, there are a lot more than 50 Shades of erotic writing out there to enjoy. We will be showcasing the astounding range of desires that are catered for through erotica. From men in love to women in charge, first time fetish to loving passion, myriad themes are explored – and erotica can be so much more than a one handed read. Erotic literature didn’t begin and end with Anais Nin and the Marquis de Sade – and over 200 erotic writers who have joined us to celebrate erotica will prove it…”

Find the Facebook event for the party you can attend from home here, read a Go Deeper interview about the event with Cliterati’s Emily Dubberly here, and donate to Brook here.


RIP Bizarre Magazine

February marks the final issue of Bizarre Magazine.

Bizarre, you will be missed. It was an honour to nestle within your tentacled embrace. From its latex-clad genesis in the late ’90s, through my first appearance in 2008, to many truly unique experiences and the wonderful friends I’ve made in the process, I can genuinely say that it’s changed my life for the better.

Here‘s a fond farewell by Denise Stanborough for Vice

…and from Tom Broadbent here

…and from Stephen Daultrey here