Here’s a sizable chunk of an article by Stephen Daultry on Kinky Kidnapping that appeared in Bizarre Magazine a few months ago. I’m in it:

‘…“I was ambushed in a deserted and dark forest car-park by two females who wrestle, and after several minutes of grappling, I was completely overpowered,” recalls kinky kidnap blogger ‘Mr Stockholm’. “The physicality of the snatch made it feel genuinely threatening, terrifying and dangerous. It was the first time I had ‘met’ my kidnappers and the sense of unknowing beforehand stoked the hellish doubts filling my mind.”

England-based Mr Stockholm is talking about the very first time he’d arranged to be the victim in an erotic kidnap fantasy – in this case with Mistress Pip and Mistress Kali. Mr Stockholm, who is submissive and is in his 40s, says he has been visiting dominatrixes for 20 years, but had found his interests in BDSM waning. So in order to reignite his desires he sought out something more extreme. He thought about kidnapping. Since 2011, he has now been ‘grabbed’ and subsequently ‘abused’ numerous times by a variety of domineering captors, nearly all genetic women bar one transsexual (“My motto is ‘don’t be shy!”). He records his experiences in a highly entertaining and adult online blog which gets “many” visitors, proving that he is far from alone in these tastes.

“My ideal combination is a brutal abduction followed by some brutal torture, but then a shift in pace towards something more gentle that brings me emotionally close to my captor,” he says. “My scene name is derived from ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ – the phenomenon where a hostage falls for their abductor. And I guess that’s where my ultimate fantasies lie…”


As deviant roleplays go, abduction is one of the most intense and gruelling. It is also arguably the most ambitious, given the amount of preparation required, not to mention the level of risk involved, such as police interference. A few years ago, the US company and the French company had grabbed newspaper headlines for offering designer kidnap experiences, predominately targeting rich adrenaline junkies or ‘security’ professionals preparing for real-life scenarios. The US company, it was reported, had also begun catering for kinksters by offering mini-skirted action-women as its intimidating kidnappers. But if you desire similar experiences in the UK, your options have been rather less broad. Or maybe not…

Mistress Tytania is a pro domme based in London. With a background in performance art, she set up her fantasy The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell (UC-SC) website back in 2010, providing femdom content and services with a military, boot camp twist. When another submissive male approached her enquiring about proper public kidnap fantasies, she couldn’t wait to get started. She was soon evolving her site to take the form of a fantasy terror cell, specialising in re-educating “sexist male pigs” into the culture of female supremacy. “I’d been doing a lot of interrogation, bondage and hostage roleplay, so kidnapping was a natural progression,” she reveals smilingly, displaying a charm that seems a far cry from the ruthless cell-leader inhabiting her pictures. “I had played a kidnap scenario some time ago with another female, but our victim was snatched from a fetish club which made it very easy because we could do what we wanted anyway! My most recent kidnap with UC-SC are in public and carry far greater risk, and that makes them so much more exciting.”

All balaclavas, ripped fishnets and stompy Doc Marten boots, Ms Tytania says her fantasy terror cell takes its aesthetic cue from the Baader-Meinhoff Group (or Red Army Faction, as it later became known); an anarchist organisation that was active from the late 1960s until the 1990s, it considered the West German capitalist establishment as little more than a reincarnation of the Third Reich, and kidnapped many of its key targets. According to our dominant aggressor, many of its members were women who wore balaclavas and mini-skirts, and who robbed banks with guns. “At a personal and political level I don’t support any form of terror or harm against human life,” she says. “But as a sexy and kinky fantasy life, I find it very hot. And it seems that lots of other people do too!”


For her femdom cell adventures, Ms Tytania has teamed up with fellow London-based domme Ms Slide, a very popular mistress specialising in all sorts of naughty thrills. Their most recent exploit involved snatching a guy off the streets of London and driving him back to their studio for a kinky two-hour ‘interrogation’. “On the night of the kidnap, we were sending him text messages instructing him to go to places, where we’d make him wait, before directing him elsewhere,” she reveals cunningly. “It was dark and he didn’t know what we looked like. We were in a car in a yard and at one point he got very, very close. We were watching him intently, and you could see he didn’t know where to look or what to look for. He was very nervous. It was like playing hide-and-seek as children.”

Asides from basic espionage skills, ‘fetish’ kidnapping requires massive groundwork. Presumably your victim has a life, meaning you can’t just snatch them while they’re outside work having a fag or meeting their mum for afternoon scones at Claridges. Then there is also the issue of CCTV cameras – the big cities are filled with them. Finding a secluded spot in advance is imperative otherwise the old bill could make a rather inopportune entrance. It all means a vague time and location need to be established beforehand, which can inevitably impact the suspension of disbelief that is necessary in order to make the victim feel genuinely tense. It’s a tough challenge.

“It takes two weeks to organise a kidnap, and you can’t do it alone,” says Ms Tytania. “We normally start the experience by posting threatening letters to our target signed by the UC-SC, warning them that they’re being watched and that they’re next. Of course, it would be brilliant where we’re given a larger timeframe where we could do the snatch at any time. I’d love to do that next!”

Mr Stockholm however, has been fortunate to try such an elaborate snatch before, in this case with the pro-dommes Lady Louella and Mistress Nuit. He provided the pair a two-week window in which to snatch him, along with a diary of his movements for that period. Being unemployed at the time, it allowed for such flexibility. “I thought the uncertainty would be easy to deal with but Lady Louella and Mistress Nuit devised cunning ways to keep me off balance,” he says. “In one instance, I was in my local restaurant when a woman I’d never seen before strode in and deposited an enveloped on my table and marched off. I was nervous, but had to play it cool, lest the staff who I know so well read too much into the incident.

“Finally, I snuck off to the gents to open the compromising missive in private, only to find a card reading “We are watching you.” Every van that drove past suddenly presented a threat. Every stranger on a mobile phone near my house became an accomplice. Not knowing when the trap is to be sprung is mentally exhausting. My sleep during that kidnap window was broken and sweaty. Those ladies captured my mind long before they took possession of my body…”


For most kidnap enthusiasts, it’s the tension around the snatch that provides the chief thrill. But once they’ve found themselves bagged and manhandled into a vehicle by disguised assailants, there is still the physical ‘torture’ and interrogation to come. Rather than divulging his personal preference for any form of play, Mr Stockholm just says he likes the torture to be “brutal” and left to his captor’s whims. “If I prescribe too much what is to happen, it reduces the tension,” he says.

So what kind of thing happens at a ‘typical’ UC-SC interrogation? Ms Tytania divulges all with a devilish glint. “We stripped our most recent hostage naked, gave him a cold shower, trussed him up in our cell, and interrogated him,” she says. “He’s a sexist male specimen and our aim is to culturally re-educate him into femdom. The most ‘sexual’ torture we did was piss waterboarding, which is where you put a thickish cloth over the victim’s face and soak it. When they breathe the moisture sticks to the skin and the nostrils. It’s very suffocating and gives the sensation of drowning. We did this with our piss.”

Ms Tytania however describes interrogations being ultimately much like any other femdom session, with their victims tied, humiliated and beaten. For others harbouring kidnap fantasies, the subsequent fun holds equal significance, the preceding abduction merely serving to intensify the roleplay.

A UK male sub operating under the anonymous scene name of ‘Kevin’ has harboured abduction fantasies since childhood, but combines it with his fetish for ball-busting and being beaten up by superior females. “I remember as a kid watching a scene in the 1980s comedy where a man was kidnapped and held in a refrigerated van, where an older woman with leather gloves said she would ‘warm him up’ and poised her leather glove at his crotch to squeeze his balls,” he recalls. “The two have always gone well together for me. I’ve never acted out a proper full-on abduction scene as yet, but I’d love to try it one day. I’ve been kicked in the balls by many different women. My dream scenario would be to get seduced by a lady and go to an address specified by her and then be bundled into the back of a car by a whole group, forced down to the floor with restricted view, perhaps only able to see the patent heels of my captors, my face pressed against them. I’d love to be taken to a facility with medical equipment and clear plastic sheeting everywhere, and then be totally abused…”


Despite the demanding preparation, both Ms Tytania and Ms Slide sure find executing kidnap fantasies utterly exhilarating. For them the level of risk merely fuels the fun. “There are so many factors that could go wrong, all of which you have no control over,” says Ms Tytania. “You’re doing this in public and people could see you and call the police, but that’s what it makes it even more exciting. I’m a woman of action. I rock climb. I crave adrenaline. On our last snatch, three or four people walked past on the other side of road. They didn’t stop or stare, though. That’s the great British public: it doesn’t give a shit! But we were also filming the kidnap, and because we were doing so in a very ‘artistic’ area, people naturally presumed we were making an art project. That’s what we’d tell the police if they turned up.”

Ms Tytania and Ms Slide are already tinkering over the idea of staging a kidnap session in a forest, the vast wilderness providing a secluded happy hunting ground for striking new fear deep into the heart of their prey. “The idea of chasing someone in the woods is very thrilling,” says Ms Tytania, grinning widely. “Years ago I took part in a slave hunt in a forest in Devon where we chased after naked slaves. That was just like hide-and-seek as well. It was great!”

Mr Stockholm has certainly got the bug too and is ecstatic at how much it has rekindled his interest in femdom kink. He certainly can’t wait to write about many more of his adventures at his online blog. “What set kidnaps apart from any other form of BDSM is the sense of prolonged unknowing,” he says. “It’s an adrenaline rush that accelerates as ‘K-day’ approaches and will end up filling every spare moment that I have. By the time that hood is forced over my head, I am almost begging to be taken away and released from my anguish. It rocks!”…’


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