Fannying Around

The first rule of fanny club is, never talk about fanny club. Except on this occasion. Fannying Around, the marvellous vagina-owners’ monthly gathering, is in today’s Metro (as is Ms Slide if you look carefully at the picture):

“…We are attending the new and fabulously outré Fannying Around – a monthly meeting run by Sarah Berry, erotic writer and editor of Foreplay magazine.

The gatherings, on the last Monday of the month, are a place for women to talk, whisper, giggle or get advice on their ‘secret place’.

Berry has one rule: what gets said in Fannying Around stays in Fannying Around. No question is too stupid and no experience too outrageous. I was touched by the accepting vibe of my female counterparts – all as curious and open-minded about exploring their sexual pleasure and sexual health as I am.

‘I started the forum because I had vaginismus into my twenties – a psychological condition which makes penetration painful or impossible,’ says Berry. ‘I was insanely embarrassed about it. It led to me being depressed. I felt like a wimp. I went to see sex therapists and tried everything I could think of to get over it. It wasn’t until I went on to write about sex that I realised there was nothing to be embarrassed about. Talking about what lies beneath is so important. It’s what I always needed.’

Once the icebreaker is out of the way, we hear from Mouse, an erotic performer and dominatrix with jaw-dropping party tricks under her…well…pants. On stage, Mouse has put flowers, drinks and even goldfish up you-know-where. She can squirt water and blow air bubbles too, so she talks to us about lubes, muscle control and overcoming shyness…”

Full article here. Also, if you’ve got a fanny (UK translation only – sorry chaps) and would like to attend or find out more, click here.

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