Ms Slide at Woman Worship

From the marvellous Woman Worship website:

“21 Dec 2009 – 62 new images & 3 clips (MWV – DVD quality 720×540) featuring Ms Slide posted to the Members Area. Clips are available for both Windows Media Player (DVD quality) and Real Player (225 Kbps ).

Ms Slide is notorious on the London fetish scene both for her sadistic appetite and her razor sharp wit. She is intimidatingly attractive, and her taste for seeing men squirm makes it impossible to stay off your knees. She struts around her man as the video starts, scrutinizing him as he crawls around at her heels. Watching them is addictive, you can see why he’s so desperate to lick the dirt off her shoes. Her face is a picture as she hurts him, her expressions reveal so clearly the excitement she gets from her man’s suffering. She keeps him down at her feet, talking about how she loves the most important bits of him lying under her soles as she humbles and punishes.”

Ms Slide

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