Recent Video Shenanigans

Hello, internet. As festive tradition dictates, I’ve been struck down by lurgy and terrible asthma for most of winter, so updates have been a bit scarce. Apologies if you’ve sent an email over the past few weeks. I’ll get round to replying when I’m fully recovered. If this isn’t sufficient, then feel free to buy me a holiday somewhere warm where I’ll be better at breathing.

Meanwhile, here‘s a link to lots of videos I’ve uploaded recently. Highlights include mocking a man whose genitals resemble a Clanger, destroying a couple of chaps with the help of Ms Nikki and Kitty Bliss, shoving my bare feet repeatedly into a bound and blindfolded man’s mouth and electrocuting some testicles. Click here to see more.

Evening Invitation

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a treat for you.

Ms Nikki, Kitty Bliss and I will be holding a filming evening at a hotel suite in the Gatwick area on Tuesday 6th November, 6pm ’til late. For the princely sum of £60, you can join the three of us and a small menagerie of selected submissives for a range of Femdom shenanigans that we’ll film (masked or not, depending on what you’re comfortable with) for pay-per-view content.

Numbers are limited, so apply as soon as possible. Send an email with the subject header “FILMING” to to tell me about yourself, your favourite activities, anything you’d like to try, and anything you most certainly wouldn’t. We will respect your limits and privacy (thought these are probably the only things of yours that we will respect – you’re our plaything after all.)


It’s been a while, but we’re filming again… Click on my Clips4Sale site for videos, old and brand new. (More specifically, click on it to watch Ms Nikki and I having a giggly swordfight last week with a pair of strap-ons whilst making lightsaber noises. Yes. This is what we do in our spare time.)