Feedback Loop: Compliment

A gentleman said some lovely things about me last week. He did this because I told him to. That probably still counts as a compliment on some level:

“One of my pet frustrations is those that can only see life in black and white and not understand that all the interesting bits are in the margins, in the blurred, shadowy world between the two. This applies to everything from debates on the current economic malaise through to the intention or not of a footballer’s alleged crime. It is the context and sub-plots that provide the interest, and stimulate. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of sexual stimulation and attraction.

The truly sexy people, those that tug deepest into our passions, have an ambiguity and throw out questions that will never be answered. And if they are they will just be replaced by more.

One such person of this ilk who¬†has entered my radar is ms slide. Read the brochure and you expect a humourless dominatrix when in fact her sweet smile lights up the room. Her keen and sharp intellect stings the brain, that most powerful sexual organ, into life. Is she a truly as political as she seems when she plays with bankers? She has a very sassy, sexy look and great body but will she let you play with it? At what stage does the whip come down and is her control exerted? These and so many more questions hang delightfully, and very sexily, in the air. All that can be truly said is that she is a very stunning woman to look at, has great intelligence and relishes providing¬†the punishment so many love to receive. Of the rest I don’t know, but to explore is fascinating.”

(Shut up! A compliment still counts when it’s coerced, doesn’t it? Really? Oh.)


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