Shoe Stigmata

In this short but exhilarating video, Ms Slide repeatedly puts her full patent-stilettoed weight on the open palms of an unfortunate gent’s hands. Ouch.




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Brown Out

So, Derren Brown came out. He is officially a gayer. I say this now because it was in The Sun last week (for those outside the UK, this is a Murdoch-owned tabloid gutter rag that is, on most occasions, sensationally inaccurate.) However, he did previously come out in a small self-penned article in the Independent colour supplement last Autumn, but nobody noticed or particularly cared until The Sun decided to stick their ugly little oar in.

From Brown’s Facebook page:

Second coming

10:21pm Wednesday, Apr 23

For anyone confused as to why Derren would seem to be ‘coming out’ again, and this time to the tabloids: the article in the Sun yesterday was something of a surprise. Derren had answered a couple of questions from a Sun journalist within a half-hour interview about the TV series, that were concerned with why he discreetly mentioned all that man-on-man business in the Independent a few months ago. Derren politely answered that it was a necessary evil: not really anyone’s business, but if you don’t do it then it becomes perceived as a secret. The Sun then printed this as if Derren had chosen to come out there and then to them, complete with ‘Exclusive’ across the top of the article. As if. Other papers then picked up on this, and suddenly it was new news.

So, yes, for those who thought it was a bit odd and tacky, it was.

I’ve admired Derren Brown for a very long time, and I admire him even more for his courage in coming forward to proclaim to the world that he’s a gentleman’s gentleman. I admire his work, his style, his sense of humour, and – as a few of you may know – I’ve had something of a crush on him for several years. This wasn’t a conventional crush, as some of you may also know: these fantasies were normally of a voyeuristic nature, and would usually involve me watching him being forced to pleasure a dominant man – this particular man often being my straight but open minded and entirely platonic friend Neil (who is arguably the most beautiful being ever to walk this earth). I informed Neil of my nefarious plans for Derren Brown once and he was flattered, if a little frightened, at the prospect. Even then, I must have had a subconscious inkling as to Mr Brown’s leanings, as the only other main fantasy involved myself, a strap-on, and the violation of his tender manhole. (Speaking of which… click!) Anyway, here’s a favourite YouTube clip of mine from his “Something Wicked This Way Comes” stageshow. Incidentally, this clip also started a debate on a number of forums as to whether or not he was sporting an impressive erection after the initial bout of public self-asphyxia, and possibly throughout the extreme trampling session (and let’s face it, my dears – who wouldn’t..?) Derren Brown, we salute you.


derren brown self asphyxia


Derren Brown, looking beautiful