If a wank fantasy falls in the woods…

On webcam tonight, an odd thing happened. Started pretty normal, then got surreal. All NSFW. Names have been changed for obvious reasons and urls redacted, but the rest is copied and pasted as it happened, typos and all:

XXXXXX enters the room

sliderulesyou: hello XXXXXX

XXXXXX: Hello Ms Slide

iiiiiii: (posts url linking to pic of trouser bulge)

sliderulesyou: just talking about cock with iiiiiii here


sliderulesyou: you like cock?

XXXXXX: I’ve actually wondered what it would be like…

sliderulesyou: enormous
sliderulesyou: thrust into your mouth
sliderulesyou: while I hold your head in place
sliderulesyou: so you can’t struggle

XXXXXX: have had a Mistress use a dildo on me but never done it with a real cock

sliderulesyou: you feel the texture of his cock against your lips
sliderulesyou: the taste
sliderulesyou: the smell
sliderulesyou: right there in your face
sliderulesyou: and I give him the nod
sliderulesyou: and he pushes his cock inside your mouth
sliderulesyou: hard

XXXXXX: You of course make it sound incredible 🙂

sliderulesyou: it’s so big it stretches your lips wide
sliderulesyou: slipping on your saliva
sliderulesyou: you feel the veins
sliderulesyou: bulging
sliderulesyou: the rough and smooth contrast of his skin
sliderulesyou: the feel of his foreskin as it slides gently backi
sliderulesyou: on your tongue
sliderulesyou: you lick at it
sliderulesyou: greedily
sliderulesyou: and he thrusts forward
sliderulesyou: suddenly
sliderulesyou: picture this guy
sliderulesyou: (link to photo of pants bulge)
sliderulesyou: his cock
sliderulesyou: and I hold your head in place
sliderulesyou: you almost want to draw back
sliderulesyou: it’s so big
sliderulesyou: in your mough
sliderulesyou: mouth
sliderulesyou: but
sliderulesyou: I hold you there
sliderulesyou: pinned by his cock
sliderulesyou: and you feel the rough hair of his balls
sliderulesyou: brush against your chin
sliderulesyou: the skin slapping you
sliderulesyou: and you drool
sliderulesyou: at the size of his cock
sliderulesyou: right there in your mouth
sliderulesyou: the pressure of it on your tongue
sliderulesyou: pushed so deep
sliderulesyou: you’re gagging on it
sliderulesyou: and I push your head
sliderulesyou: so it goes even deeper
sliderulesyou: getting him to fuck your face
sliderulesyou: your wet mouth
sliderulesyou: stretched lips
sliderulesyou: and you can already taste the precum
sliderulesyou: there on your tongue
sliderulesyou: lapping it up
sliderulesyou: and I’m forcing you now
sliderulesyou: getting his cock so deep in your throat
sliderulesyou: thrusting hard
sliderulesyou: and you love it
sliderulesyou: you beg for it
sliderulesyou: as it draws back

iiiiiii: i so do x

sliderulesyou: slides out for a moment
sliderulesyou: then I tell you to open wide
sliderulesyou: and he pounds it back in
sliderulesyou: hard
sliderulesyou: shoving it in and out
sliderulesyou: you feel the quivering of his shaft
sliderulesyou: the length
sliderulesyou: the width of it
sliderulesyou: so strong, there on your tongue
sliderulesyou: stretching your lips so wide
sliderulesyou: the bulging head of it
sliderulesyou: pounding you
sliderulesyou: and you grab at his legs
sliderulesyou: his strong, muscular legs
sliderulesyou: and his hard buttocks
sliderulesyou: as he fucks your face
sliderulesyou: saliva dribbling down your chin
sliderulesyou: mouth so wet
sliderulesyou: stretched so wide
sliderulesyou: and you can hear him moan
sliderulesyou: wanting
sliderulesyou: any minute
sliderulesyou: to gush into your mouth
sliderulesyou: and you feel his cock spasm
sliderulesyou: there between your lips
sliderulesyou: and suddenly
sliderulesyou: a hot rush of cum
sliderulesyou: shoots down your throaty
sliderulesyou: throat
sliderulesyou: fills your mouth
sliderulesyou: overflows from your lips
sliderulesyou: salty
sliderulesyou: hot
sliderulesyou: gushing liquid
sliderulesyou: drooling down your chin
sliderulesyou: the taste so intense
sliderulesyou: you’re almost choking on it
sliderulesyou: there’s so mucjh
sliderulesyou: hot, juicy cum
sliderulesyou: dribbling all over you
sliderulesyou: he’s wiping it all over your face
sliderulesyou: with the tip of his cock
sliderulesyou: and you lick it up
sliderulesyou: every drop
sliderulesyou: thirsty for it
sliderulesyou: and you love it
sliderulesyou: every tiny dribble of it
sliderulesyou: licking every last bit of it from his cock
sliderulesyou: gently sucking as each gush
sliderulesyou: gets less and less
sliderulesyou: and then it’s my turn
sliderulesyou: I flip you over
sliderulesyou: I’m wearing my strapon
sliderulesyou: I rub lube all over it
sliderulesyou: and all over your tight buttocks
sliderulesyou: bend you down
sliderulesyou: spread your cheeks
sliderulesyou: push my finger inside
sliderulesyou: that tight hole
sliderulesyou: exploring
sliderulesyou: getting that hole all wet
sliderulesyou: and you love it

iiiiiii: to much for me please may icum x

sliderulesyou: that feeling
sliderulesyou: penetrated
sliderulesyou: only if you drink up every drop
sliderulesyou: and you love that feeling
sliderulesyou: being filled
sliderulesyou: and I pull your cheeks apart
sliderulesyou: and push the tip of my dildo in
sliderulesyou: you wince for a moment
sliderulesyou: think it might be too big
sliderulesyou: but I thrust then

iiiiiii: Thank you x

sliderulesyou: pushing the full length
sliderulesyou: my pleasure
sliderulesyou: the full shaft
sliderulesyou: going in

iiiiiii leaves the room

sliderulesyou: sliding up
sliderulesyou: inside you
sliderulesyou: pushing your cheeks apart
sliderulesyou: stretching your hole
sliderulesyou: and it’s so big
sliderulesyou: so much so that you think you can’t take it
sliderulesyou: and suddenly I pull it back
sliderulesyou: then push in
sliderulesyou: and thrusting
sliderulesyou: in and out
sliderulesyou: you cry out
sliderulesyou: your own cock weeping precum
sliderulesyou: as I fuck your arse
sliderulesyou: grabbing you by the hips
sliderulesyou: pulling you back and forth
sliderulesyou: on my cock
sliderulesyou: shoving it deeper
sliderulesyou: every time
sliderulesyou: harder
sliderulesyou: and you’re helpless
sliderulesyou: there on my cock
sliderulesyou: pinned by it
sliderulesyou: and I thrust harder
sliderulesyou: faster
sliderulesyou: and you’re begging to touch your own
sliderulesyou: poor
sliderulesyou: neglected cock
sliderulesyou: and so I let you
sliderulesyou: you rub it
sliderulesyou: frantically
sliderulesyou: almost crying
sliderulesyou: as I fuck your hole
sliderulesyou: harder still
sliderulesyou: right inside you
sliderulesyou: deep
sliderulesyou: plunging in and out
sliderulesyou: with my wide
sliderulesyou: long
sliderulesyou: dildo
sliderulesyou: you feel the pressure of my breasts
sliderulesyou: bouncing against your back
sliderulesyou: as I thrust
sliderulesyou: feel the size of my cock
sliderulesyou: thrusting right up inside you
sliderulesyou: and I smack your buttocks
sliderulesyou: as I ride you
sliderulesyou: and I want you to cum
sliderulesyou: all over your fingers
sliderulesyou: and lick it up
sliderulesyou: rub hard
sliderulesyou: rub that sad cock
sliderulesyou: while I fuck you with my huge strapon
sliderulesyou: rub it
sliderulesyou: force that orgasm
sliderulesyou: feel it
sliderulesyou: shudder through
sliderulesyou: deep inside
sliderulesyou: as I fill you right up
sliderulesyou: and I want you to feel hot cum dribbling over your fingers
sliderulesyou: as I fuck every drop out of you
sliderulesyou: are you rubbing that cock right now?
sliderulesyou: rubbing that sad, little cock?
sliderulesyou: milking its juice
sliderulesyou: all over your sticky hands
sliderulesyou: feeling that intense shame
sliderulesyou: and pleasure
sliderulesyou: and pure joy
sliderulesyou: are you rubbing it right now?
sliderulesyou: rubbing too much to type?
sliderulesyou: repetitive strain injury?
sliderulesyou: has all that wanking broken you?
sliderulesyou: have you literally wanked yourself to death?
sliderulesyou: (I’m sure there are worse ways to go)
sliderulesyou: you’ve genuinely disappeared?
sliderulesyou: or just forgotten how to type?
sliderulesyou: jizzed into your own eyes so you can no longer see these words?
sliderulesyou: cum so hard you’ve accidentally spunked out your entire vocabulary?
sliderulesyou: wanked with such force that your hands have calcified into useless Action Man fists?
sliderulesyou: I have no idea if you’re even reading this now
sliderulesyou: but I’ll assume you are
sliderulesyou: unless you’ve accidentally sealed your eyes shut with semen
sliderulesyou: this is turning into one of those situations
sliderulesyou: like at school
sliderulesyou: when the teacher is waiting for someone to own up to something
sliderulesyou: and says “I can wait here all day. It’s your own time you’re wasting.”
sliderulesyou: either you’ll type a reply
sliderulesyou: or your credit will run out
sliderulesyou: (if you genuinely have wanked yourself to death)
sliderulesyou: (I hope you haven’t)
sliderulesyou: (it’ll be a bit embarrassing all round)
sliderulesyou: (especially if you’re reading these words during an out of body experience)
sliderulesyou: (floating above your jizzy corpse)
sliderulesyou: (now that would be awkward)
sliderulesyou: perhaps you just wandered off
sliderulesyou: forgot you were talking to a woman
sliderulesyou: men do that a lot
sliderulesyou: but usually in real life, not on webcam
sliderulesyou: thing is
sliderulesyou: I wonder at what point you stopped reading
sliderulesyou: during the first bit
sliderulesyou: all about sucking a chap’s knob
sliderulesyou: or later on
sliderulesyou: during the imaginary bumming
sliderulesyou: the thought I might have been typing to myself
sliderulesyou: for the past 25 mins
sliderulesyou: is sort of odd
sliderulesyou: existential crisis
sliderulesyou: if a wank fantasy falls in the woods
sliderulesyou: and there’s nobody there to wank to it
sliderulesyou: ..
sliderulesyou: but, bizarrely, the aforementioned wanker is still paying for it
sliderulesyou: I suppose I should probably just log off
sliderulesyou: unless you suddenly leap back into the conversation
sliderulesyou: with a spluttered apology

XXXXXX: wlondeful thank you 😀

sliderulesyou: hahahahahahahaha
sliderulesyou: you’re back
sliderulesyou: !
sliderulesyou: did you die?
sliderulesyou: is this your ghost?

XXXXXX: that was truly amazing thank you 😀

sliderulesyou: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
sliderulesyou: can I put this conversation on my blog?

XXXXXX: really me

sliderulesyou: (anonymity assured – I’ll xxxx out your username)

XXXXXX: lol yes though very one sided

sliderulesyou: it made me laugh

XXXXXX: gald abut that Ms Slide xx

sliderulesyou: speak soon
sliderulesyou: xxxxx
sliderulesyou: night night
sliderulesyou: xxxx

XXXXXX: thanks again

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