Titillating Television

I have long lamented the problems with the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act. If this is the first you’ve heard of the CJIA, it’s the badly-worded 2008 law that makes “extreme” BDSM images illegal, even if what is viewed is enacted by consenting adults and the viewer is well aware that the acts are simulated. One such problem is that smut is subjective. Action movies contain realistic violence and death scenes. Whatever the intention of the actors, directors and producers, If one particular scene in that film depicts a fantasy that specifically matches your kink and you only watch (or, in their words “extract”) that part of the film, then technically your resulting wank is illegal.

There’s a brilliant analysis by Freedom in a Puritan Age involving examples from the BBC’s “Ripper Street”, Channel 4’s “Homeland”, and the gloriously exciting, sweaty chap-on-chap BDSM scene in “Casino Royale” (below). Click the link for the article: “WATCH OUR TITILLATING TV SHOW!* *(But try not to enjoy it.)” by Danny Broderick. Very much recommended.

In the meantime, this:

Porn Trial

I’ve previously mentioned Myles Jackman (pictured below), aka Obscenity Lawyer, who is currently defending a legal case that you should be interested in if you’ve ever seen a kinky photo. That’s right. All you need to do is to receive an unsolicited picture of an entirely legal BDSM activity in your inbox and you could end up in court. Here’s a snippet from Obscenity Lawyer’s blog post on this week’s case:

“Today the Crown Prosecution Service will attempt to persuade a jury that images of fisting should be classified as “extreme pornography” with the risk to the defendant of three years in custody, inclusion on the sex offenders’ register and damage to his personal and professional standing. All for a type of image which is commonly viewed, of an activity which is itself is legal to perform and is even discussed in the book Fifty Shades of Grey…”

See Obscenity Lawyer’s excellent blog here, find out more about how Backlash is helping people here, and watch how things progress through the Twitter hashtag #porntrial.

Law and Sex Social

Still on law and sexuality, here’s a rather marvellous event organised by the aforementioned Myles:

“…This is a purely social event, which is open to all. Anyone with an interest in the intersection between the law and sex is welcome: lawyers, academics, students, sex-workers, campaigners, activists, sex-educators, LGBTQ, BDSM, Poly, wotever and anyone else in between that I’ve forgotten.

Please RSVP, feel free to add yourself or tweet at me (@ObscenityLawyer) so I know how many people to reserve space for.

From 6.30pm on Wednesday the 16th May 2012 in the back bar at the Worship Street Whistling Shop in Shoreditch, London: http://whistlingshop.com/

It is primarily a cocktail bar; but also has wine, ales, larger and soft-drinks. Food available. Drink and food menu on their website.

If the event is successful/popular I may consider holding it semi-regularly…”

Do it.