Titillating Television

I have long lamented the problems with the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act. If this is the first you’ve heard of the CJIA, it’s the badly-worded 2008 law that makes “extreme” BDSM images illegal, even if what is viewed is enacted by consenting adults and the viewer is well aware that the acts are simulated. One such problem is that smut is subjective. Action movies contain realistic violence and death scenes. Whatever the intention of the actors, directors and producers, If one particular scene in that film depicts a fantasy that specifically matches your kink and you only watch (or, in their words “extract”) that part of the film, then technically your resulting wank is illegal.

There’s a brilliant analysis by Freedom in a Puritan Age involving examples from the BBC’s “Ripper Street”, Channel 4’s “Homeland”, and the gloriously exciting, sweaty chap-on-chap BDSM scene in “Casino Royale” (below). Click the link for the article: “WATCH OUR TITILLATING TV SHOW!* *(But try not to enjoy it.)” by Danny Broderick. Very much recommended.

In the meantime, this:

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