V Spot

Here’s part of an excellent article about porn for women by the Vagenda team for New Statesman. It’s not that women don’t like porn. It’s just that women don’t often like bad porn that participants aren’t getting off on.

“…If the assumption is that we get off on love, then this idea that women don’t “get” porn isn’t that surprising – it’s rarely lauded for its ability to make searing insights into the depths of the human psyche. Other sciency-type people claim that women like to be able to project themselves into the situation, while men will simply objectify the actors. If this is indeed the case then it’s no surprise that some women are left cold when trying to imagine themselves spontaneously orgasming because they love being ejaculated on that much. At least with books you can imagine that the characters are having a good time, rather than watching actors who are not.

Even if you’re lucky enough to be watching a clip that features a face, the hollow look behind the eyes will often reveal that the orgasm is indeed fake. And yes, we can tell.

The argument that men get off on sexual imagery and that women get off on feelings is a convenient one because it essentially means that there’s no point making porn with us as its target audience, and that the porn industry can thus continue trotting out the same bland scenarios in which pneumatic women are pounded mercilessly by alarming colossal phalluses or, failing that, a variety of household objects.

Maybe what we really need to do is make some porn in which the female participant is not subjugated and looks as though she really fancies the person she’s shagging and is having a smashing time. We’re not asking for plot and character complexity to rival Wuthering Heights, just something that’s not quite as cock-centric as most porn. Once we do that perhaps the small but ever-increasing demand for better porn will grow…”

Full article here.

Porn Trial

I’ve previously mentioned Myles Jackman (pictured below), aka Obscenity Lawyer, who is currently defending a legal case that you should be interested in if you’ve ever seen a kinky photo. That’s right. All you need to do is to receive an unsolicited picture of an entirely legal BDSM activity in your inbox and you could end up in court. Here’s a snippet from Obscenity Lawyer’s blog post on this week’s case:

“Today the Crown Prosecution Service will attempt to persuade a jury that images of fisting should be classified as “extreme pornography” with the risk to the defendant of three years in custody, inclusion on the sex offenders’ register and damage to his personal and professional standing. All for a type of image which is commonly viewed, of an activity which is itself is legal to perform and is even discussed in the book Fifty Shades of Grey…”

See Obscenity Lawyer’s excellent blog here, find out more about how Backlash is helping people here, and watch how things progress through the Twitter hashtag #porntrial.

Pedestal Pics

Hello, my dears. It’s been a while. I’ve been working on a project that has been taking up nearly all my time, so apologies if you haven’t received replies to emails, texts or desperate screams for help in recent months. I did, however, get to the last Club Pedestal. Here I am with Ms Nikki, who has been my partner in crime – actual crime – since we were twisted teens at a religious school. Click here for more photos from Pedestal.