Pink Ladies

The other day, I watched “Kidnapped By Catwoman”, an hour of¬†hilarious,¬†thought-provoking stand-up comedy by Wil Hodgson. It describes the dawning of personal kink in a way that is more honest and relatable than any journey into Femdom I’ve ever heard. Telling you about it here can’t possibly do the show justice, but I’ll post a snippet from YouTube of Wil talking about “Grease, Pink Ladies. Sapphism and Why Geeky Boys Like Domme Women”:

Catwoman, Catra, and the influence of television

It’s the question we all ask when we develop fetishes as adults: is it nature or nurture? I didn’t watch a lot of television when I was growing up, but I made sure I never missed my favourite villainesses. Did this influence me, or was I inherently drawn to women I’d later grow up to emulate? I was much older by the time this excitement took on any relation to sexual – or even meaningfully emotional – urges, but after a look on YouTube, I now wonder if clips like these might offer up some clues as to what made me the glorious monster I am today…