Catwoman, Catra, and the influence of television

It’s the question we all ask when we develop fetishes as adults: is it nature or nurture? I didn’t watch a lot of television when I was growing up, but I made sure I never missed my favourite villainesses. Did this influence me, or was I inherently drawn to women I’d later grow up to emulate? I was much older by the time this excitement took on any relation to sexual – or even meaningfully emotional – urges, but after a look on YouTube, I now wonder if clips like these might offer up some clues as to what made me the glorious monster I am today…

1 thought on “Catwoman, Catra, and the influence of television

  1. So true and CATRA was my idiol growing up, she was’nt on the TV scene to long however she has made her mark(this post proves it) just had to HOP on over here with some VANILLA love

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