Jilling Off

Much like Cake and Cunnilingus, there’s now an annual event dedicated to girl-friendly smut: “Lady Porn Day”. It was the day before yesterday. Yes, I’m a lazy blogger.

In the many debates surrounding pornography, few people ever mention that women often enjoy perusing it too. Sometimes the content is different to that spunked over by the chaps, but it is wrong to assume that erotica is always the harmful product of a misogynistic, exploitative industry geared towards men. I’m all for fairtrade porn made by, and for, consenting adults who enjoy sex, fetish or BDSM.

Jacqui Smith, the former Home Secretary, is presenting a documentary on 5 Live about porn. She is said to have been “shocked” at the ease of its availability online, and “felt completely innocent” on a visit to last year’s Erotica exhibition. Yet the Guardian’s Kristina Lloyd said in response that “a great deal of lazy thinking, myth making, poor research and anecdotal evidence surrounds debates on the sex industry.”

I’m inclined to agree with Kristina. The sweeping generalisations, misinterpretations and outright lies used by those who publicly condemn all pornography only stifle intelligent debate about creating a safer, fairer and healthier industry. There’s a danger that well-meaning feminist campaigns to eliminate anything perceived as sexual objectification will censor the female body, unwittingly presenting female sexuality itself as something obscene. There are many things I find offensive about The Sun’s Page 3, but bare norks are the least of them.

Still, here’s a marvellous list of links to ladies’ wank-fodder called the “Jilling Off Hall of Fame” at Rabbit Write, compiled in honour of Lady Porn Day. Happy fapping.

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