E-Cigarettes and the Smoke Fetishist

A question to smoking fetishists: would an e-cigarette still do it for you, and how is it similar and different to the buzz of seeing a woman smoke a real ciggie?

As a Dominatrix, I’ve encountered a large number of people who get a thrill from watching women smoke. The thing is, I quit the cigs last year and have taken to “smoking” either of my two electronic cigarettes when I get a craving. Obviously I can’t stub them out on hapless minions like I used to, but otherwise how similar are they if smoking is your fetish?

The first was from eBay a year or so ago and resembles a real cigarette, except it’s heavier, there’s no smoke, no fire, and the liquid nicotine solution comes out in the form of vapour. My new e-cig is similar but is black, has a blue light on the end, was twice the price of the first and produces a lot more vapour that looks like real smoke. I’ve included both in this video.

A fetish is a deeply personal and complex thing and it would be impossible to generalise, but I plan on writing an article on whether seeing a woman smoke an electronic cigarette still *works* for seasoned smoking fetishists. Do let me know here or by email.

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