Kinky Christmas Cards

GO HERE to buy blank cards with Ms Slide’s kinky artwork (or non-kinky if you prefer) printed on them.


We all channel archetypes during BDSM play, whether consciously or otherwise. They may be the heroes or villains from films, books or real life, characters we’ve absorbed into ourselves and adopted traits and aspects of when we’re in domme or subspace. You may temporarily take the form of a bound Batman or captured gladiator or Penelope Pitstop. You may become an Emperor or Catwoman or Severus Snape in those moments when you lose yourself (or, at least, those moments when you lose every part of yourself that isn’t that archetype). It’s a little like playing a role in a psychodrama of our own making, but somehow more intimate than that. These archetypes are facets of ourselves, worn proudly on the surface when we play, then packed away neatly alongside all our other facets when we’ve finished.

I’ve written about this side of BDSM many times, especially the Egyptian Goddesses whose legends inspire me. Well now I’ve drawn some pictures as well. Below is a small selection of the things you can buy with my drawings of the Goddesses Bast and Sekhmet printed on them, if you so wish. To see more, as well as a bunch of other BDSM art, click here.