Prehistoric Pornography

At least 3000 years ago, people in the Xinjiang region of northwest China knew how to party. Here’s a snippet from an article about the Kangjiashimenji Petroglyphs by Mary Mycio for Slate Magazine:

“…The few scholars who have studied the petroglyphs think that the larger-than-life hourglass figures that begin the tableau symbolize females. They have stylized triangular torsos, shapely hips and legs, and they wear conical headdresses with wispy decorations. Male images are smaller triangles with stick legs and bare heads. Ithyphallic is archeology-talk for “erect penis,” and nearly all of the males have one. A third set of figures appear to be bisexual. Combining elements of males and females, they are ithyphallic but wear female headwear, a decoration on the chest, and sometimes a mask. They might be shamans…”

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