Chastity Diaries: The Daily Male

Last week, I put a gentleman in chastity. He was told that whenever he had the urge to fiddle with his sensitive bits, he should write to me instead. This one-way correspondence really focused his mind. It started as a series of updates and, after a couple of days without giving his own genitals a firm handshake, his emails descended into a wonderful, desperate stream of consciousness fantasy. Here are some highlights:

Thurs, 1:48pm “…The train journey was very frustrating. i really shouldn’t have sat next next to a Hotty in a pink mini skirt. That didn’t help. Had no problems at all so far. Thought i’d check my email, nothing. Have a quick look at your IC profile…. 2 mins later… oh… Now i really have the horn. It’s fine really, i can cope – today anyway. Tomorrow is another day. Obviously the frustration is gradually going to increase day by day. Perhaps i won’t look at Your sites for the next 9 days and keep my mind on mundane work instead. i’ll try to not think about being bound next to Your bed admiring Your legs as you elegantly stretch and move them, watching the light reflect off Your shiny stockings, smiling cruelly at me…”

Thurs, 3pm “…i’ve been looking at the train times. To avoid lots of time on trains, when there could be less time spent on trains, could we say 17.15?? If not, i’ll sit in the pub for 45 minutes and drink lots but that would make it harder to get hard if You catch my drift, but would make me tell You things i’d regret , ie being slightly tipsy and very horny means that i might tell You things such as: You should make me xxxx a blow up doll for 30 mins whilst filming the event (me masked of course) to humiliate me whilst a gang of Your Lady friends watch and laugh…”

Thurs, 8:14pm “…i’ve just been thinking about you Domming [link to profile of lovely lady] whilst i’m locked in the cage in a ‘frozen’ state. i think she’d like You and she’s quite local…”

Thurs, 8:29pm “…Well, since my last email, i can’t concentrate on anything. i’m quite hard and he’s twitching a lot, which really isn’t helping as each twitch rubs again the horse fabric of my underwear thus creating friction and sensation. i’ve tried to take my mind off it but there’s a strong nagging telling me to go do something about it with the method being half planned. Currently, i just feel very horny, no sadness or frustration. My body might be expecting what it’s used to, imminent relief. i yearn to kneel before You whilst You stand proud with my hands holding the top back of your bare thighs…”

Horse fabric? That’s dedication.

Fri, 1:53pm “…i’m thinking how it would feel to kneel next to Your bed and hold Your hand whilst Your slave(s) make(s) love to You. my balls currently seem to be suffering a mild internal burning sensation…”

Fri, 3:51pm “…You do know that if i keep emailing You too often, my messages could appear in Your spam folder. Might try chewing gum as a different hobby. i once fantasised about being made to write about humiliating fantasies and then having to stand nude in front of a Lady only audience and read them out. The lights would only be on the slave so he couldn’t see the Ladies or receive any feedback during the reading.

Oh the things i say when i’ve got the Horn. What’s it going to be like next week!?

Damn, now he’s throbbing…”

Fri, 5:31pm “…already i’m twitching and remembering Your sexy shiny stockinged legs just in front of me but out of arms reach as You teased me with them whilst maintaining Your just beautiful permanent smile and i’m wondering if thy tattoo above Your cleavage was temporary or permanent and whether You have any more anywhere as they’re rather sexy on a Lady moreso in fact than fuming which is very sexy but only lust … sorry just…”


Sun, 10:40am “…twitching rather a lot now and i feel warm and horny

the frustration is surprisingly low at the moment, despite remembering Your legs and constant visions of them. maybe it’s because i’m looking forward to seeing You next Tuesday which isn’t far off really…”

Mon, 10:12am “…your beauty compounded with this extended denial is affecting my concentration whilst causing bulging and friction during hardening and limping. i’d LOVE to rest my head on Your lap…”

Mon, 12:49 “…i’m thinking i’m running a nice hot bath for You with lots of bubbles and a couple of large flickering candles providing soft light. The room is warm and cosy. You blindfold me and test that i really can’t see anything. i take You to Your bath, whilst following Your guidance, holding Your hand and undress You before helping You into the bath. You relax and read for a while and i kneel next to the bath imagining Your feminine body under the suds with certain parts exposed through holes in the bubbles. A thigh coming out the water but the suds hiding the very top of it. The water sliding down Your leg. i’m burning with desire but Your hypnosis has programmed by penis to remain limp unless my nipples are held by a Lady. The CB therefore remains firmly in place. When You are ready You instruct me to dry You…”

Mon, 1:28pm “…i help fasten Your bra, corset in a state of excitement and frustration. Finally You sit on an antique wooden chair decorated with a splendid floral cushion. i roll stockings onto Your legs totally resisting any urges not to kiss them. i finishing unrolling the second stocking and move my lips lightly around the inside of Your left leg. As i do so, i feel You handcuff my hands behind my back. For the next 15 minutes, although it feels much short, i continue to gradually kissing my way up Your stockings attentively. Breathing fast with short breaths the excitement is intense. Dare i kiss past the top of the stockings? My top lip feels the warm skin and Your legs relax a little more…”

Mon, 1:30pm “…now i’m VERY horny and don’t know what to do. When is the 10th day?? HELP!”

Mon, 2:58pm “…The Daily Mail is a cure for the Horn…”

Mon, 3:04pm “I can’t wait for stinging nettle season. Do You like?? i think they’d work particularly with an ignored forced orgasm session, where the nettles are applied constantly for hours on end. The first moments are incredibly painful, but after 20 minutes the sensation is amazing, permanent vibration and excitement. Strong sensation lasts 20 minutes, where as mild lasts all day. Or ultra denial. i could almost climax from their application but care could be taken to avoid any release. Perhaps slave has to watch Lady longingly on slave girl action once the vibration has set in…”

The next email is something of an epic, so I’ll post that another time. I think it deserves a Daily Male blog entry of its very own.

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  1. Wow I really loved this article it’s apparent throughout that he is descending into a blubbering wreck held together by a chastity tube that, ironically is also his tormentor! I wonder how long you descend for before you come back to normality whilst in chastity? Is there a wall that you hit?

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