Gimp Man of Essex

The Gimp Man of Essex first hit the news in September, when various news sources ran articles about the mysterious, masked figure who wanders the streets of Colchester. For every photo of him uploaded to his Facebook page, he donates £1 to MIND.

There have been many misconceptions about BDSM and mental health in the past, long since debunked, yet many people still believe that fetishists, sadomasochists and any other consenting (and consent-promoting) adults not conforming to socio-sexual norms must be ill. The Gimp Man of Essex doesn’t go out in costume during weekends or school holidays. He doesn’t approach people who seem uncomfortable or who don’t show an interest in speaking to him. A small number have accused him of being a “nutter”, “pervert” or “paedophile” nonetheless. The majority are supportive though.

He told the BBC: “Most people are very welcoming when I tell them what it’s all about.”

Pleased to speak to the public and answer their questions, the anonymous latex superhero challenges stigmas around kink and raises a significant amount of money for charity in the process. Click here to read an exclusive new interview with him at Honour and here to donate to MIND.


Return of Temptation

You’ve got until Sunday 12th October to catch the “Return of Temptation” latex art exhibition in London:

“Patrick John Martin & Lorraine Mary Martin will be showing their Art in Latex. Created from intricately cut Latex Rubber sheet, turning the Art of Appliqué into wall art… The Strand Gallery have invited The Guild of Erotic Artists back to exhibit after their extremely successful exhibition at this venue in 2013. Presenting tasteful, figurative artwork, photographic prints, digital imagery and even some sculptures.”

More information here.