Femdom Embassy

Something new and exciting is coming on June 5th, 2014.

Last year, Ms Tytania and I founded our Femdom Embassy. It began as a joint fantasy about a submissive male who sought political asylum from the patriarchal, macho, knob-dominated culture outside our Embassy’s walls. He longed for a place beneath the high-heeled boot of the Gynarchy. Over the course of several months, we put our male specimen through many tasks and toils in The Department For the Ladies’ Wellbeing to assess his suitability. In his case, the process is still ongoing.

On June 5th, 4-8pm, several of us will be assessing new applicants over high tea at an opulent location in London, E2. If you’re very good, you may be one of them.

Here’s a bit more about the occasion from MsTytania.net:

“…An afternoon at the Embassy consists of a high tea for a number of Dominant Department-appointed ladies. The male hopefuls will be stripped of their clothes and made to attend to the ladies and to obey their orders, to make their afternoon more enjoyable. Ladies at The Department for the Ladies’ Well-Being believe that the male is a useful accessory and toy that can be summoned and discarded at their will, according to their needs or their whims. In our ideal society, no woman will break a lacquered nail doing menial work or stressing herself: that’s what the male is for, as a lesser species whose only purpose in life is to serve and obey the ladies…”

For further details, click here.


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Jump the Snark on Twitter

For those on Twitter who prefer pretty pictures and videos to politics and snark, here’s my brand new, strictly femdom, NSFW, 18+, aesthetically-aimed account: @MsSlide.

(For those who like politics and snark as well, here’s my original personal account: @SlideRulesYou.)

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Summer Session News

Hello, my dears. This is THE NEWS:

Double-Domme Sessions: I’m currently offering double-domme sessions with the beautiful Miss Kitty Bliss. We can hurt you, humiliate you or strap-on-spitroast you. Or perhaps all of the above. I’ll be out of the country until 26/6/13, but when I return I’ll be offering sessions with Miss Kitty for £300 per hour (plus studio hire) in Gatwick or London SW9.

New Premises and Session Options: When I’m back in the UK, I will also be offering brand new strap-on and feminisation make-over sessions, as well as Shenis watersports and – if you’ve got a CIA fetish – waterboarding-interrogation sessions. These will also be available in NEW Gatwick or London SW9 premises.

Bankers’ Non-Narcissism Challenge: I also discovered recently that various big banks have someone on site at all times to polish the shoes of bankers on the trading floors. There are also masseuses, should they be required. This must be rectified through Femdom. I plan a role-reversal party close to the City of London soon, where bankers will polish shoes, massage their mistresses and pour our Champagne. I’ve been told that there are decent bankers out there who are willing to embrace full humility and serve. I’m yet to be convinced though. Watch this space.

There are exciting things happening. Click here for more about upcoming sessions.


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